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Thanks to all the folks for puppy inquiries. Life has been super busy and have not updated my web site for quite some time.  We have had many ,many puppy enquires.  We are tentatively planning a litter spring /summer 2021 .  Once plans are determined we will post the info on the web site.  We will then take serious inquiries for forever homes for our beloved Akita’s.  To the SERIOUS breeder we have a few frozen breedings to tycoon available. No waiting list at this time will be taken and once pups are confirmed will work individually with the prospective family’s to ensure the Akita is a right fit. .
Thankyou for all your interest and stay safe.
PowerStroke Akita’s.


 Am.and Can.ch.Triumf Sibiri Magnat

Welcome to PowerStroke Akitas.On these pages you will find our beloved Akita’s ,along with many friends that share our lives,both fur and feather. Animals have been a HUGE part of most of my life.American Staffordshire Terriers,Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Dobermans have made up the most of it.River is my current constant companion and beloved dober girl ,and though I do not  breed them,a doberman has been a constant part of my life for 30 years and always will be.I no longer breed American Staffordshire Terriers or Staffordshire Bull Terriers,and 2 old dear staff friends remain with me still,,the breed will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart,and my life is always open to  one in the future.I have been a member of the CKC for well over 25 years,and ”PowerStroke” has been registered with the CKC since 2004.Along with our wonderful Akitas,we raise exotic pheasants(you can view them on their own page) and share the farm with our beautiful Arabian horses,and a couple of  BIG ol’clydesdale geldings..oh, and one beautiful ”classy” paint stud,(they can be viewed on their page).The Gallery section is made up of cherished  fur friends,and  some sadly  are no longer with us,and my pride and joy,1967 Chevelle Malibu.ALL pics are of gardens and animals that live here with us on the farm,with the exception of the Nature Page. The nature page consists of wilderness and animals that Iam passionate about.PHOTOGRAPHY is a HUGE passion and ALL pics taken on my site are by Glenna and are property of her and are copywritten.The exceptions are  ”show pics” or  on occasion pics by other artists whom will be acknowledged. The Art page contains my other hobby,painting and sculpting. I’am always updating and adding pics,so please feel free to check back on pages to see what is new.Please enjoy our site,but DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING.