We have had a lot of inquirys into a breeding this year with tycoon..We thank you for your interest..There are plans in the works for 2018 and female will be posted as soon as determined..If you have contacted me in the past please keep in touch as we have a hobby farm and are very busy..PLEASE do your research on the breed to determine if the Akita is right for you and your family..Everyone falls in love with the beauty of this breed but they require a certain owner and its in the best interest to ALL involved to make certain that owner is the correct person(s). ALL puppy’s potential homes will be thoroughly screended for suitability and ALL pups are sold on mandatory NON breeding contracts..Any possible ‘show’ prospect puppies are sold on a show contract..Once breeding has been determined we will accept reservations from approved prospective owners..Once breeding has taken place we require a deposit to secure your pup.No deposit ,no hold..IF there are NO pups available your deposit will be refunded in full..Watch for updates…. Thank you