Sire:Melodor Big Bucks
Dam:Melodor Winter Fairytale
Whelped:March 1,2015

Call Name Tycoon

Achievements:Tycoon was bred in Russia by Natalaya Usoltseva and Imported to America by Mr.Vincent Romeo,and Mr.Serge Desforges.In 9 shows in Canada, Tycoon has taken 1 group 2,1 group 3, and  2 group 4 placements  to finish his Championship.A huge thank you to his handler Emily Burdon,who does such a wonderful job in presenting our boy. Tycoons amazing temperment ,coupled with his  movement and size make him a ideal dog to represent the Akita breed. He is a dream to own,and a Heartfelt thank you  to my friends,Vincent and Serge for allowing him to be part of our lives.(Tycoons puppy and 7 month pic supplied by Vincent).

Tycoon is heading to the US with his handler,Emily.Will post updates on how he does.March 18th,Tycoon took reserve to the major.On Sunday March 19th Tycoon took a 5 point major his first weekend in the US.A HUGE thank you to his handler ,Emily for such a great win.March 22,Tycoon took winners dog for another point. Friday March 24th,Tycoon thrilled us beyond imagine when he took the breed for his second 5 point major and then continuing on to WIN the group!! Thank you to Judge Mr.Svend Lovenkjaar for recognizing the qualities in our young boy.A HUGE thank you again to his handler and friend Emily for doing  such a magnificent job with our boy and caring for him so well.He only needs 4 singles to finish his US championship.Pictures to follow.Tycoon has picked up 2 more points with needing only 2 to finish his American championship.(Candid group win photo  supplied by Emily).Official show pics to follow.Once home Tycoon will have a break and back enjoying country life.He will continue to go out to select shows this year with Emily,his exclusive handler.April 21 2017 Tycoon took a group 1 his first time out as a specials.  Huge thank you’s to Judge Avery Gaudin for this wonderful win.Tycoon went south again and on May 6th took a 4 point major to officially complete his American championship..A huge thank you to judge Dr.Wanda V Spediacci for this special win. Tycoon has had his heart and  eyes OFA’d and are normal just waiting for certificates.He goes in on 11th for hips,elbows and thyroid and will post results.He will go to select shows thru out Canada for the remaining of the year but basically enjoy life and mature..Plans are to be at the American Nationals in October.

EXITING NEWS  Tycoon has passed all health testing.. Thyroid normal,OFA eyes and heart normal,,OFA hips Excellent and  elbows normal.The long coat gene test will also be performed thru Vet Gen., and will post those results once complete.

Tycoon will stand at stud to quality health tested females only.Fresh and Frozen semen available. All breeding will be done AI.

(2016 SHOW SEASON Canada)

United K.C.- 2 B.B – Nov 25


Louisville K.C.- B.O.W 5 point major – March 19

Cary K.C.- W.D 1 point – March 22

Durham K.C.- B.B,1 group 1,5 point major- March 24

Fayetteville K.C.- W, 2 points – March 26

Bucks County K.C.- W.4 point major- May 6 – NEW US.Championship

Trenton K.C.- B.B – May 8

(2017 SHOW SEASON Canada)

Wildwood K.C.- 4 B.B , 2 group 4 – Feb 2-5

Woodstock K.C.- 3 B.B ,1 group 2 ,1 group 3,- NEW Canadian Championship – Feb 24-26

Champlain K.C.- 2 B.B,1 group 1 – April 21

Guelph K.C.- 3 B.B – April 22-23

Club Canin Rive-Sud de Montreal K.C.- 3 B.B – April 28-30

Hochelaga K.C.- 3 B.B, 2 group 3 – May 20-22

St.Francis K.C.- 4 B.B,1 group 3, 2 group 4 – June 8-11

Association Canine de la Mauricie – 4 B.B,1 group 2,1 group 3 (( Working Specialty)), 1 group 4 – June 23-25

Chateauguay Valley Kennel Club – 4 B.B, 1 group 1,1 group 2,2 group 3 -June 30-July 1

Cornwall District Kennel Club -5 B.B ,4 Group 3 – Aug 31-Sept 03

Club Canin Chomedey – 4 B.B ,1 Group 4 -Sept 15-Sept 17

Burlington Kennel Club – 3 B.B, 1 Group 1, 2 Group 3 Sept 22 – Sept 24



Pedigree of ” “Triumf Sibiri Magnat

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE Melodor Big Bucks
 Beaufleet’s Dodging Daggers At Melodor  Redwitch Feel Free to Stare
 Starina Saiun of Beaufleet
 Melodor Hotter Than Hell  Ruthdales Ready to Rule
 Melodor Mamacita
DAM  Melodor Winter Fairytale
 Regalia’s-CR Crossfyre  ch.Regalia’s American Emblem
 ch.Huntmere Regalia’s Bonfyre
 Ruthdales Don’t Give Me Evils at Melodor  ch.T’Stone Raja Regalia on Buckridge
 Ruthdales Personal Vendeta